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Good Mood Food!

Cajun Chicken Loaded Fries

Chicken pieces slow cooked in Cajun spiced sauce, over fries with garlic mayo & pickles

Cajun Chicken & Creole Rice

Chicken pieces slow cooked in Cajun spiced sauce, with Creole rice and house pickles.

Boudain Balls

Pork, rice & vegetable balls with Cajun mustard dip, house pickles & spring onions

Creole Rice & Succotash

A summery dish of rice flavoured with tomatoes and Creole spices, topped with succotash, a vegetable dish of sweetcorn, butter beans, peppers, tomatoes, basil and other herbs and spices.


Creole style rice dish with chicken, prawns and Andouille sausage, full of tomatoes and Creole spices.

Cajun Kitchen Gumbo

Filé Gumbo and cornbread

Grits & Creole Cauli

Cheesy grits with roast cauliflower.

Veg Dirty Rice

Dirty rice with black beans and roast sweetcorn, collard greens.

Grits & Beef Brisket

Grits & Cajun brisket

Dirty Rice & Creole Wings

Lip-smacking wings and dirty rice.

Creole Rice & Sticky Pork

Juicy and sweet pork and creamy, cheesy Grits.

Dirty Rice & Andouille

Spicy and delicious - Dirty Rice with Andouille sausage.

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